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Rates going up in authority garages


The Pittsburgh Parking Authority has approved a series of adjustments in the daily and lease parking rates charged by the authority’s attended parking facilities.

The action, implemented beginning August 1, increases prices at eight downtown garages, the Monongahela Wharf and Second Avenue Parking Plaza surface lots and authority garages in Shadyside and Oakland. Both lease and transient parking are affected in the action, but the full day and monthly lease rates at the Grant Street Transportation Center remains unchanged.

“The increases resulting from the board’s action are the first to be adopted by the authority since 2004,” David Onorato, executive director of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority, said. “They were proposed following a detailed analysis of the capital funds necessary to maintain our system; f the cost of available technology upgrades to increase its operational efficiency; and of our capacity to continue to meet the revenue-to-debt coverage ratios required by our bond covenants.

“The net proceeds they generate will be retained for those purposes, but a portion will be directed to the city in accordance with recent recommendations of the ACT 47 commission.”

Rate increases for al-day parking range from $2.25 at the First Avenue, Wood-Allies, Ft. Duquesne and 6th and Ninth and Penn garages to $4.25 at the Mellon Square, Oliver and Smithfield/Liberty facilities, while the Third Avenue garage rate will rise by $3.25 per day, Mr. Onorato reported.

He said hourly rates at those locations will rise proportionately. Parkers with monthly leases at five of those facilities will see increases of $25 or less, while lease customers at Mellon Square and Oliver garages will experience increases of $45 and those who park at Third Avenue will see their rate rise $40 per month.

Lease rates for the authority’s Oakland and Shadyside facilities will increase by $20 per month. Daily rates for Mon Warf customers will pay $1 more for all-day parking and those who park at Second Avenue Parking Plaza will experience a $2 increase.

On-street metered parking is unaffected by the action, but parkers who have leases in 15 surface lots will be charged an additional $30 per month. Lease prices for 19 other lots across the city remain unchanged.

Mr. Onorato placed the planned new rate schedule in the context of Pittsburgh parking practices generally and recent rate proposals from other sources.

“The adjustments approved include increases lower than those planned by the private operators who submitted bids to operate our garages as part of a monetization that was rejected by City Council in 2011,” he said. “They are also lower than the rates contained in council/controller plan proposed response to the monetization plan, and are even below those recommended following a third-party study of city-wide parking prices commissioned by the authority in March 2012.”


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