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Fall prevention is key for seniors


Patty Barone demonstrated a balance exercise as PT, Rachel White spotted her.

Preventing falls is key to living a long, healthy life and should be focused on all year long – not just for Older American's Month.

This message was heard loud and clear at Allentown Senior Center when Rachel White, physical therapist from Jefferson Regional Medical Center, did a presentation on Balance and Fall Prevention.

Ms. White reminded everyone that falling is the sixth leading cause of death in seniors; one-third of adults 65+ and half of adults 85+ fall; two months after a fall, 40 percent of seniors still complain of pain or activity restriction and 40 percent of nursing home admissions are related to a fall.

Studies show that besides vision checks and home environment changes, exercise was the only intervention that had a positive impact on fall prevention. It's never too late to begin an exercise program (always consult a health care provider before starting).

Regular exercise decreases fall risk and risk of fractures, helps manage chronic conditions, and has psychological benefits. Ms. White gave everyone an informative packet of information with tips on how to "safety-proof" their living space and specific exercises to strengthen balance.


Reader Comments

SafetyBunns writes:

Did you know that sliding down/out from chairs and wheelchairs is a leading cause falls in elders and other susceptible people. Typically, sliding falls are caused by persons with leg weakness and other neurological disorders that interfere with proper seating and/or environmental conditions (sliding off vinyl or plastic coated seats). SafetyBunn’s mission is to decrease slip/slides, promote safety and expose a new “one of a kind product”.


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