Wear Red Brigade brings awareness to heart disease


Allentown Senior Center "Wear Red" Brigade included: (first row) Marie Seybold, Ida Woester, Phyllis Haduch, Nettie Rideout and Christine Thomas; (second row) Lucy Liscio, Cyndie Carioli, Mary Hawrylak, Lois Boehm, JoAnn Baum, Mark Burrell and Janet McPhetridge.

Along with the rest of the nation, Allentown Senior Center celebrated "Wear Red Day" to bring awareness to the No. 1 killer of women – heart disease.

More women die of heart disease than all forms of cancer combined. Unfortunately, this killer isn't as easy to see. Women's heart disease is often silent, hidden and misunderstood.

In addition to participating in their regular exercise program, the group talked about "Five Heart Facts Every Woman Should Know:"

• Each year, significantly more women than men die from heart disease and stroke.

• Eighty percent of women age 40-60 have one or more heart disease risk factors that can be controlled or reduced.

• Women are far less likely than men to be tested or treated for heart disease in a timely manner.

• Women have more heart attacks that go unrecognized, more repeat heart attacks, and greater risk of stroke after a heart attack.

• Women don't know that heart attack symptoms may be different than in men. Women are more likely to feel shortness of breath, fatigue, abdominal pressure, nausea, heartburn, or jaw, neck, back or upper shoulder pain.


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