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Mayor Peduto bans elected officials' names on city property


In his first executive order, Mayor William Peduto has announced a ban on elected officials from having their names placed on city property such as city vehicles or trash cans.

The executive order also requires names of previous mayors will be removed from city property. Mayor Peduto’s name will not be printed, painted, or engraved on any long-term city property.

“City property should not be used to campaign for political office,” said Mayor Peduto. “The city’s physical assets are owned by the taxpayers. Under my administration, these assets will be marked only with basic identifying information and the city seal.”

The order applies to all city property except for temporary use items like stationary or office doors and honorary or memorial naming such as for city parks or buildings.

Executive orders are administrative decisions of the mayor pursuant to his power as the chief executive officer of the city. The mayor can use them to set policy regarding routine administrative matters and internal operations. They do not require City Council approval, however all executive orders must be communicated to Council. This executive order will be read into the record of City Council at its regular meeting.


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