Real Estate transactions for issue of 8/6/13


16th Ward

Philip Troese to Darrall Nicholas Huber at 2405 Arlington Ave. for $27,500.

Richard Murray to Carl James Strutz at 2416 Carey Way for $65,000.

Grace Hopwood to Jennifer Holliman at 2203-1/2 Larkins Way for $110,000.

Patricia Kiesling to Evan Tyler Brown at 130 S. 25th St. for $225,000.

John McGaw IV to Hilltop Redevelopment LLC at 2334 Spring St. for $25,500.

17th Ward

Abigail Kaufer to Vanessa Baxter at 120 15th St. S Unit 103 for $261,250.

Jessica Fondy to 1831 Arlington Green LLC at 1831 Arlington Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $69,500).

Matthew Rohm to Nathaniel Myles and Mary Holahan at 1011 Bradish St. for $251,250.

Robert Pindel to Anthony Powell at 6 Monastery St. for $65,000.

Alan Riding to Saddle Light PA Ventures LLC at 127 S. 16th St. for $347,500.

Alexis Nikoula Bevan to Saddle Light PA Ventures LLC at 168 S. 16th St. for $183,400.

Gregory Warren to Cori Josh Bingham at 14 S. 18th St. for $220,000.

Jamie Godlewski to Saddle Light PA Ventures LLC at 1509 Sarah St. for $106,500.

Winfield Carson to MAO Realty LLC at 1702 Sidney St. for $116,600.

18th Ward

Estate of Carl Palumbo to Wentzel Reality LLC at 741 E. Warrington Ave. for $18,000.

Richard Finch trustee to Friends’ Properties Inc. at 407 Kambach St. for $5,000.

Jennifer Brown to FZ Holdings L.P. at 441 Kathleen St. for $18,500.

Kyle Stevenson to Michael Henninger at 447 Kathleen St. for $138,000.

William Minsterman Jr. to MB 59 Ruth LLC at 59 Ruth St. for $80,000.

19th Ward

Michael Teresi to Nicolette Joann Holzer at 49 Albert St. for $93,000.

John Bazari to MLS Properties at 201 Amabell St. for $170,000.

Virginia Lee Carman trustee to Michael Reynolds at 645 Boggs Ave. for $75,000.

Theodore Starmack to Gloria Manchego and Luis Navarro at 227 Cairo St. for $48,000.

John Hills to FF&J Properties LLC at 337 Edith St. for $117,500.

Geraldine Edwards to Ryan Irvine and Stephen Slaughter at 426 Grace St. for $17,000.

Estate of John Masucci to Scott Rogowicz at 42 Ruth St. for $45,000.

29th Ward

Brian Haenze to James and Bonnita O’Brien at 2545-2547 Brownsville Road for $218,000.

Larry aka Laurence McGaffin to Nicholas Pashel at 367 Copperfield Ave. for $20,000.

Kevin Hartung to Bradly Prevade and Aileen Evan at 135 E. Woodford Ave. for $95,000.

30th Ward

Keith Helsel to RD Property Holdings L.P. at 405 Orchard Place for $19,000.


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