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Wabash Tunnel opens after repairs are almost complete with new hours


The Wabash Tunnel reopened over the weekend after a long-term closure for repairs to its gates and traffic control systems.

The reopened tunnel provides another option for motorists during the 17-day outbound Liberty Tunnel closure and two-year closure of outbound West Carson Street.

Motorists should be aware of a change in the tunnel’s operating hours. The tunnel will no longer be open overnight, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. The change in operating hours was adopted by Port Authority’s Board in April following an extensive police and safety review.

All other operating hours, including HOV-2 restrictions during peak periods, remain unchanged and are available at

Inbound access to the tunnel was closed in late October when a tractor trailer accident damaged the gates that allow Port Authority to safely control the direction of auto traffic. The tunnel was closed to outbound traffic earlier this year so the gates and traffic control software could be replaced, but repair progress was hampered by additional accidents and procurement delays. Minor software-related work remains, but can be completed without significant impact to tunnel traffic.

The Wabash Tunnel provides a shortcut for motorists between Route 51 and South Side. Port Authority bus and light rail routes do not use the tunnel.


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