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Slopes campaign wants trash put in it's proper place


The Outreach Committee of the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association has started a campaign in order to make a positive change in the neighborhood.

In an effort to battle an increase in trash and litter in the neighborhood, the committee is attempting to educate Slopes residents on the rules in the City of Pittsburgh concerning trash collection and storage outside of homes.

Utilizing a grant from the Birmingham Foundation, the SSSNA’s anti-litter campaign includes several educational components along with continued clean-up activities.

The SSSNA Outreach Committee is planning to clean up the neighborhood by emphasizing City of Pittsburgh trash rules. City rules include:

• It’s illegal to put out trash bags on the sidewalk when it’s not trash collect day.

• Trash may not be set out before 6 p.m. the evening before trash collection day.

• All trash must be stored in cans with snug lids and not overflowing. This decreases litter and helps to prevent animals from getting into the trash.

The Outreach Committee’s efforts include establishing an email address,, to coordinate and recruit volunteers for continuing neighborhood clean-ups. The litter pick-ups have been part of the Slopes Association’s efforts for years and will continue to be a part of their plan to fight trash in the neighborhood.

Volunteers will also be getting out and knocking on neighbors’ doors to share information on proper trash storage; how to be more involved; and, sharing information about the Slopes neighborhood. Volunteers are welcome to join in the educational walkabouts. Contact to join in.

The SSSNA will also be submitting targeted 311 reports for problem households that are not securing their trash properly. Slopes residents are being encouraged to call the city’s Mayor’s Service Center at 3-1-1 to report problems. If the problems aren’t resolved, they should also provide the information to

The SSSNA has also divided the neighborhood into six zones. In each of the zones there will be a group or groups responsible for keeping an eye out for trash problems. The plan is to use the information to target 311 complaints and clean-up efforts.

For more information about the clean up effort email For more information about the South Side Slopes Neighborhood Association, visit


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