Real estate transactions for issue of 5/7/13


16th Ward

Stephen Stutz to Morgan Family Development L.P. at 2134 Carson St. E and 90 22nd St. for $350,000.

Neighborhood Real Estate Services LLC to Matthew Leyshock at 2332 Eccles St. for $125,000.

17th Ward

1205 Carson Street L.P. to MJT Real Estate LLC at 12 Bedford Square for $35,000.

1205 Carson Street L.P. to MJT Real Estate LLC at 1207-1209 Carson St. E and 1211-1213 for $1,200,000.

Brendan Kelly et al. to Alex Toman at 1613 Franklin Court for $245,500.

Darrin Rajesh Dabideen to Michael Fracassi at 2001 Gregory St. for $155,000.

Aaron Huet to Kathleen Hetrick at 1717 Sidney St. for $214,000.

18th Ward

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to TI Pennsylvania Holdings LLC at 445 Edgemont St. for $36,000.

Mark Ledbetter to Jeffrey Robert Wieser at 213 Kingsboro St. for $4,800.

19th Ward

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Nancy Nemeth at 514 Bigham Road Unit 0401 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $52,076).

Kenneth Heiss to Vera Holdings LLC at 1000 Grandview Ave. Unit 105 for $200,000.

Gildas Kaib Jr. to Erin and Biagio Ruggiero at 325 Hallock St. for $170,000.

Steven Cianca to Peter Bruner at 318 Kramer Way for $32,500.

Norma Manion et al. to Daniel Cox at 324 Maple Terrace for $105,000.

Chatham Village Homes Inc. to Damon Neal and Katelyn Kushner at 412 Olympia Road 1503 for $0 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $47,292).

Cynthia Cornell to Cartus Financial Corp. at 303 Olympia St. for $194,000.

Cartus Financial Corp. to Caleb Worthman at 303 Olympia St. for $194,000.

Mary Ann Vates Tomasic to John Elliott and John Elliott Jr. at 322 Republic St. for $9,000.

Sweetbriar Street LLP to Shawn Hummell at 157 Sweetbriar Village Trail for $416,382.

29th Ward

Janise Tressler to Dayna Alsip at 357 Antenor Ave. for $65,000.

Estate of James Thomas Hartner to Michael Leyer at 110 Copperfield Ave. for $59,400.

Brian Kirschner to Zachary Sheridan at 14 Lacona St. for $25,000.

Matthew Shreve et al. to Jennifer Melchert at 209 Merritt Ave. for $58,000.

Kenneth Klotz Jr. to Donald James Murphy at 212 Sunnyland Ave. for $99,900.


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