Zone 6 detectives make drug bust


Cash and drugs confiscated by Zone 6 detectives

On the afternoon of May 2, a passerby called 911 and saying they saw a white man in a white tank top breaking windows in a car parked near Saw Mill Run Blvd and Woodruff St.

Zone 6 plainclothes detectives were in the area and observed a man fitting the description riding a bicycle near the BP Gas Station on Saw Mill Run Blvd. The man was dressed in a white tank top and jean shorts.

Detectives activated the vehicle’s lights and pulled into the gas station, attempting to cut off the man on the bike. The suspect began to quickly pedal away from the police and the detectives began a foot pursuit.

During the foot pursuit, officers observed the man, later identified as Thomas Ozoskey, 35, from the Mount Washington area taking bags of marijuana out of his pocket and throwing them on the ground. After a short chase the suspect was taken into custody.

Detectives retraced their steps and recovered four bags of marijuana from where they had observed Mr. Ozoskey throw them.

Based on information received from Mr. Ozoskey, the Detectives then went to Woodruff St. and located a white GMC Jimmy with its two front windows smashed out. The vehicle was near the Public Works salt piles near the entrance to the woods.

Detective contacted the witness to the vehicle break-in and had him return to the scene and identify Mr. Ozoskey as the person he saw breaking the windows of the vehicle.

During the interview it was learned the suspect broke the windows of the GMC Jimmy knowing the driver of the vehicle had marijuana hidden in the center console of the vehicle. Mr. Ozoskey was arrested via summons and charged with Marijuana: Small Amount and Criminal Mischief.

Detectives canvassed the wooded area near the GMC Jimmy looking for the driver of the vehicle, where they found David Gehring, 55.

The detectives observed a plastic baggie containing marijuana hanging out of Mr. Gehring’s front right pants’ pocket and took him into custody.

Suspecting Mr. Gehring may have hidden marijuana near the area where he was seen walking, the detectives lifted up a loose rock and found a pack of Winston cigarettes containing rolling papers, a marijuana cigarette and a plastic baggie containing more marijuana.

There were also seven individually wrapped plastic baggies containing marijuana. The packaging of the drugs appeared to be the same packaging that was found on Mr. Gehring and of the marijuana that he threw to the ground.

Detectives recovered $630 and a cell phone from Mr. Gehring’s pants’ pocket. They were given consent to search his home where he lives with his mother. He was then taken back to his home by officers.

Detectives obtained and executed a search warrant for Mr. Gehring’s residence in the 600 block of Curtis St. During a search of the home, the following items were recovered:

• 3 large plastic baggies of marijuana under the bed;

• $9,500 under the mattress of the bed;

• $36,440 in a lock box under the table;

• $219 on a table in the bedroom;

• drug paraphernalia;

• 48 large empty plastic bags with Marijuana residue were recovered in the basement and bedroom;

• one box of sandwich baggies in the bedroom;

• one bag of suspected marijuana seeds in the bedroom;

• six generic Vicodin pills in a jacket pocket in the dining room; and,

• multiple items of indicia (ID, letters) addressed to David Gehring in the bedroom.

Mr. Gehring was taken to the Allegheny County Jail and charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance; Possession with Intent to Deliver, Tampering with or Fabricating Physical Evidence, Paraphernalia-Use of Possession, Possession of a Controlled Substance and Marijuana: Possession Small Amount.

The total amount of cash recovered from Mr. Gehring’s home and person was $46,789; $36,440 was found in a lock box in the bedroom.


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