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I was one of 70 or so people in attendance on Wednesday April 17, for a mayoral candidates’ question-and-answer forum held at the Brashear Association at 2005 Sarah Street.

Candidates Bill Peduto and Jack Wagner fielded prepared questions from South Side Community Council President Cathy Mitchell and the audience submitted several questions. The Q&A was very informative and was moderated by Ms. Mitchell.

The discussion focused on six themes: new Port Authority Transit projects, Pittsburgh public school funding, the maintenance of South Side bridge pedestrian walkways and parks, and the dreaded topics of Act-47, problems in the police bureau, and the tax status issue regarding UPMC and other non-profits located in the City.

A problematic issue facing residents of the South Side mentioned is the number of South Side bars and the resulting need for police security details to control the large disorderly crowds.

South Side residents have the need to be protected and to feel safe in their neighborhood. If elected mayor of our city, I will be visible in the community. I will also be willing to work with bar owners, South Side Council, City of Pittsburgh law enforcement and Councilman Bruce Kraus to protect and improve the quality of life for South Side residents.

George Karpacs

Republican (write-in) mayoral candidate


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