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Forgotten Purple Zone


I have lived and worked in the South Side for 25 years. I am proud to be here I love my neighborhood.

My problem is that I live in the “Purple Zone,” the area of South Side below 10th St. We do not get Christmas lights, we do not get street cleaning, or regular police patrols.

What we do get is the noise, the litter and vandalism from droves of weekend visitors. The icing on the cake is the recently installed parking meters preventing residents from parking in front of their homes.

These meters are an insult to the people that live down here. The city also put in a hazardous bike path any biker in their right would be crazy to use. This path took up all of the parking that was not metered.

These recent additions only take away from the neighborhood, what if any benefit are they to the people who live here?

Pat DeRoss

South Side


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