House passes legislation to help military, spouses


State Rep. Jake Wheatley, D-Allegheny, has won House passage of his legislation that would help in making out-of-state occupational licenses held by military members and spouses “portable” to Pennsylvania.

The House unanimously approved Rep. Wheatley’s amendment that would allow licensing agencies to issue a license, certification, registration or permit to a member of the military or military spouse based upon previous certification and training, if their military education, training and service or prior licensure requirements meets or exceeds Pennsylvania’s requirements.

“We can show these brave men and women how much we appreciate their sacrifice for us by helping with their transition from military to civilian life, and with their spouses’ ability to earn a living when they move to a new state. As of December 31, 2012, laws like this had been enacted in 27 states,” said Mr. Wheatley, who is a veteran. “Let’s show our commitment to military families.”

Rep. Wheatley’s amendment was added to a bill (H.B. 107) that would require several Pennsylvania agencies to take into consideration a veteran’s military service experience, education and training when determining possible waivers from professional credential requirements. The bill passed the House February 6.


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