The NID won't help


March 20, 2012

Anyone who lives on the South Side and thinks that a Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) is here to help them is delusional.

NID is simply a way for an already bankrupt city government to foist some of its responsibilities, like the police, onto the residents. It is in effect a double tax for the same services we now receive.

NID is simply another layer of bureaucracy put on already overburdened tax payers.

Furthermore, if passed, this tax will be in effect for five years and may never be repealed; it will be a tax for eternity. And as the five year go on, the NID will need more money because, as they will carefully explain to you, the cost of taking care of your needs has risen.

You people should have more security guards they will say. In point of fact, hired security guards would be of no use because they could not enforce any law.

Or the NID will decide to have more secretarial help in the office or need to hire a public relations firm to publicize the South Side.

The people who are permanent residents of South Side are not the cause of the problems, yet they are the ones being taxed for it.

Mary Ellen Leigh

South Side


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