Real Estate Transactions for issue of 01-24-12


January 24, 2012

16th Ward

Mark Depretis to Maars Properties LLC at 2513 Carey Way for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $59,044).

Jennie Gulich to Spring Street Rentals L.P. at 125 Cologne St. for $19,900.

Mark Depretis to Marrs Properties LLC at 2619 Stella St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $41,992).

17th Ward

Raymond Rowlonski to Mark and Timothy Weber at 1221 E. Carson St. for $240,000.

Margaret Sitko et al. to Scott Diehl and Jennifer Seminerio at 1808 Sarah St. for $275,000.

18th Ward

John Kucinski to Optimal Management Group LLC at 404 Bailey Ave. for $100,000.

John Kucinski to Optimal Management Group LLC at 406 Bailey Ave. for $135,000.

Hilltop Housing Ventures Partn. to Community Human Services Corp. at 304 Beltzhoover Ave. for $72,000.

Estate of Eugene Schmidt to Michael and Angela Marie Pittek at 48 Beltzhoover Ave. for $25,000.

Kenneth Staab to Andrew Karr at 3 Bigbee St. for $45,000.

19th Ward

Todd Jason Tylenda to Michel Taner Celik at 155 Amabell St. for $20,000.

Susan Welsh to Dustin Kopp at 309 Paur St. for $47,500.

David Pirain to P7 Investments L.P. at 353 Sweetbriar St. for $20,026.

29th Ward

Morgan's Restaurants Pennsylvania Inc. to DBMFI LLC at 1100 Brownsville Road for $909,176.

James Breisinger to David Robinson at 2005 Dowling St. for $68,000.

Gary Ferguson to AJJ Properties LLC at 2042 Mt. Joseph St. for $27,000.

Mt. Oliver

Action Wireless Network Inc. to Raymond Hopkins and Lonnie Middleton at 222 Locust St. for $9,000.

Sara Kudasick to Deborah and Nathan Gearhart at 209 Rustic St. for $62,000.


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