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Say no to a NID


January 24, 2012

A small group is pushing a Neighborhood Improvement District (NID) tax here on the South Side. Proponents of the NID promise clean sidewalks, increased security and park improvements.

Most of the properties within the proposed South Side NID are owned by small businesses and private homeowners who are struggling to make ends meet in this recession which shows no signs of improvement.

As a result of the NID tax, rents will increase and merchants will be forced to raise prices. Part of South Side's appeal is that prices are reasonable. If the NID Tax is instituted, merchants will be forced to raise prices and become less competitive.

In these uncertain economic times it is foolhardy to create another taxing body when the ones already in place are looking for new ways to prop up declining revenues. The City of Pittsburgh plans to re-instate the ticketing of expired meter vehicles until 10 p.m. Allegheny County has raised its millage 21 percent and is reassessing our property values.

Reports indicate that South Side values have increased twice that of the city overall which means that our property taxes will increase again in 2013.

The proposed objectives of this NID's proponents are things we can and should be doing ourselves. To enable another taxing body to drain more of our hard earned dollars is going to bring added financial hardship to us all.

Please shout ‘no!' to the proposed South Side NID Tax. Our future depends upon it.

Daniel and Moeun McSwiggen

South Side homeowners and business owners


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