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Let us see the ice rink


December 6, 2011

I think it's great to have the ice rink at the South Side Works.

However, when we went to check it out, we found it completely surrounded by a white plastic covering with Highmark all over it. You can't even stand outside and watch the skaters and wouldn't even know a rink was there by looking at it.

It looks like a construction site. It would be much more of a draw if you could see the rink as you go by, attracting more people who might not have thought to try ice skating. It would certainly look better aesthetically. I know Highmark is probably one of the sponsors, but you think they could have done the same thing with tasteful signs properly placed rather than plastering their name all over the place.

Again, I think it was a great idea and thank the Penguins and all those others responsible for bringing this to the South Side. I hope they end up keeping it there every year.

Alberta Stoughton

South Side Slopes


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