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Community organizations urged to take a stance against litter


October 25, 2011

The city has launched the latest servePGH initiative geared toward engaging neighborhood volunteers to take an active stance against litter.

Called the "Redd Up Zone" initiative, the City's Department of Public Works (DPW) will provide supplies and trash removal for neighborhood groups and businesses who commit to year-round clean ups. The program's first adopters, Boy Scouts of America and Heinz History Center, have committed to Redd Up Zones in Lawrenceville and the Strip District.

"This program is one of a handful of initiatives that will make our neighborhoods more clean and safe, and allow all residents to be part of Pittsburgh's Third Renaissance," Mayor Luke Ravenstahl said.

Adoptees will be responsible for removing litter from at least a half-mile stretch of city streets at least four times per year for two years. The City of Pittsburgh will provide supplies and trash removal, funded by the Department of Public Works and Citiparks, for scheduled cleanups.

The servePGH team has joined forces with the Clean Pittsburgh Commission to work toward the common goal of turning blighted neighborhoods into beautiful communities. By providing insight, guidance and connections with their Neighborhood Steward members, CPC Chairman and Founder of Citizens Against Litter, Boris Weinstein, anticipates success.

"We are proud of the current volunteers dedicated to helping pick up litter in our neighborhoods, and we welcome the Mayor's Redd Up Zone initiative to further this progress," said Mr. Weinstein. "Clean Pittsburgh Commission and its member organizations will utilize our resources to help ensure that the Redd Up Zone program is a success."

Nonprofit organizations and corporations are encouraged to rally volunteers and adopt a stretch of streets. The city will be sending applications to community organizations and businesses in the coming weeks in hopes of welcoming new Redd Up Zone volunteers. Applications can also be accessed at

The Redd Up Zone kick off coincided with the Clean Pittsburgh Commission's Fall Redd Up Weekend, October 21-23, where an estimated 10,000 volunteers participated in cleanups across Pittsburgh.


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