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Police target illegally parked cars in South Side


September 13, 2011

On Saturday, Sept 10, Zone 3, Zone 6/Special Deployment Division traffic officers and McGann and Chester conducted parking enforcement and towing.

Numerous complaints regarding illegal parking in the areas of 16th, 17th and Muriel streets in South Side caused hazardous conditions to pedestrians and motorists traveling in the neighborhood.

Pittsburgh Police are advising those drivers who park illegally that they are subject to citations and/or towing. The situation is most apparent when the illegal parkers endanger traffic safety by causing motorist to travel in the on-coming lane to get around the illegally parked cars on 16th and 17th Streets or while impeding public safety.

Two Traffic Officers assigned to the detail along with McGann and Chester Towing conducted enforcement by issuing 32 parking citations, one non-traffic citation and towing 28 cars.

Police officials say enforcement will continue on the weekends when appropriate. Those visiting South Side are urged to adhere to the "No Parking" signs posted to avoid ticketing and/or towing.

Police are also strongly urging those who wish to visit South Side to find suitable parking at a metered area, garage or surface lot to minimize being cited and towed for parking illegally.


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