April 19, 2011 |

Kids beat Steelers in annual game

A group picture was taken at the end of the third quarter with the Steelers leading 63-53. The Cops & Kids Team came back to win 76-75 in the final minute of the game. Cops Team: John Stofesky, Jordan Seese, Tom DeTemple, Mike Mares, John Fry, Ryan Young, Tim Novosel, Rich Yochus, Dan Schupp and Mount Oliver Mayor Jeff Rapasky. Kids Team: Mark Manko, Bryton Stout , Augest Smallwood Jr., Tonyea Curry, Jarell Sampson, Maurice Edmonds, Armond Robertson, Maurice Michel, Nick Moreno, Billy King, Bill Vo, George Lellock, Michael Talton, Anthony Dennison and Colin Johnson. Steeler Team: Charlie Batch, Ryan Mundy, Nick Eason, Morty Ivy, Dorian Brooks and Ramon Foster.

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