Pius still a speedway


April 12, 2011

A few years ago many of the residents of Pius St. worked very hard to have our street changed to "one way."

This was necessary because with two way traffic the residents had to park on the north sidewalk in order to prevent damage to life and property. Even with half of your car over the sidewalk, mirrors were knocked off at an alarming rate and you put your life at risk when you tried to get into your car.

After the change was made the situation was greatly improved, however, since that time it has deteriorated due to the stop sign at Yard Way has been removed and replaced with a sign reading "Stop for Pedestrians in the Crosswalk" and the speed of the traffic has increased dramatically. 

Of course the first change contributed to the second change, however, for some reason there has been a general increase in the speed people drive on the residential street of Pittsburgh.

As a result of my fears that I, my wife, or my daughters and grandchildren will be run over while attempting to get into an automobile and an older resident or child will be killed while attempting to cross Pius St., I have contacted Councilman Bruce Kraus' office and the City of Pittsburgh 311 Response Line many times over the last couple of years and have been told that the stop sign at Yard Way cannot be reinstalled and the Pittsburgh Police Department will monitor Pius St..

Nothing has changed, as a matter of fact, I believe it is getting worse. 

Joseph L. Tarkett

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