With my apologies


November 23, 2010

I, Billie Michener, councilwoman of the Borough of Mount Oliver, hereby publicly apologize to the community residents who attended the monthly meeting of the Mount Oliver Borough Council on Monday, Nov. 15.

The accusations against me are wholly unjustified and upon hearing them I felt the need to defend myself. I take partial responsibility for a dialogue that became one of bickering and raised voices. The unprofessional behavior and climate that we as council members have created has made it intolerable to work cohesively because of continued disagreements around the fiscal components of our borough.

I apologize only for my unprofessional demeanor and not for my continued efforts to make and keep the borough solvent. I was elected to work for the residents of the borough, to ask questions of the administration and to help my constituents understand the process in which their tax dollars are being utilized.

I welcome your comments to my statements. Please direct them to my attention at: Billie Michener, councilwoman, Mount Oliver Borough Council, Mount Oliver Municipal Building, 150 Brownsville Road, Pittsburgh PA 15210.

Billie Michener

Mount Oliver Borough Councilwoman


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