Readshaw ‘outraged' sessions canceled early


November 9, 2010

State Rep. Harry Readshaw, D-Allegheny, is "outraged" House leaders canceled the remaining five days of session scheduled before the General Assembly adjourns at the end of the month. Members were informed of the cancelation late last week.

"There is business that can be done, that in fact, demands our attention if we are to fulfill our obligation to do what is best for the people of Pennsylvania," Rep. Readshaw said. "No matter how displeased we may be about the outcome of Tuesday's election, we must salvage what we can of the good legislative initiatives that are ready for enactment by both chambers or could yet be hammered out.

"We can't abandon the looming pension crisis for two months or food safety or alternative energy incentives or a severance tax on Marcellus Shale drilling. Further delay on any of these bills involves added costs and risks for the taxpayers of Pennsylvania. At the very least, we must act on the pension reform bill [H.B. 2497] that the Senate has approved and sent back to us for a final vote."

"We're not talking about blasting through a pile of quickly assembled lame duck bills, but legislation that has already been thoroughly and publically researched and argued," said Rep. Readshaw. "To simply walk away from our obligation to address the acute challenges that face our Commonwealth would be affirmation of the suspicion and distrust many voters expressed about politics as usual on Tuesday.

"I say ‘not this time – not in Pennsylvania,'" he said. "I request that the speaker of the House reverse the decision to cancel session and let's finish what we were sent here by the people to do."


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