Green n'at members clean up litter on South Side


November 9, 2010

Green n'at, a committee of the South Side Community Council, spent Saturday morning cleaning up what appeared to have been a hangout for the homeless between Giant Eagle and the Beltex Company at the end of South 22nd Street.

The back of the Beltex building is also a favorite canvas for graffiti vandals. Consequently, the area is familiar to Graffiti Watch members, another South Side Community Council committee.

"We have been down there painting over graffiti for several years and have never seen trash like this," said Steve Root, Chairperson for Graffiti Watch. "We had a paint out on October 23 and we noticed how bad it had gotten. I took a photo and forwarded it on to Cathy Mitchell."

Ms. Mitchell, chairperson of Green n'at, along with her husband and four other South Side residents spent two hours on Saturday collecting more than 20 bags of trash, four tires, and a large pile of cardboard.

"It's amazing how much of a difference just a few people can make in such a short period of time," Ms. Mitchell said.

Anyone interested in volunteering with Green n'at can contact Ms. Michell at


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