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If you live in South Side, you know it's in crisis


September 7, 2010

Does (Mayor Luke Ravenstahl's press secretary) Joanna Doven live in the South Side? I think not.

If she lived here she would surely know that yes, we have a major crisis on our hands. Stabbings, shootings, panhandlers and really scary people seem to gravitate to this area. I live on S. 18th Street and I am a prisoner in my own home, especially on the weekends.

I have planted four trees outside my house and all of them were destroyed by drunken idiots. My outdoor flower pots were broken and the flowers tossed on the street. It is becoming a nightmare to live here.

Then we have the parking problem. Daytime people park on the street to avoid paying parking downtown. They either take the bus or walk downtown. At night people are dining or drinking and parking on the street.

I find it hard to believe that the Mayor's Office is not aware of this mess. He is our mayor. He is supposed to help us. We are not getting any help, we desperately need it.

We also need permit parking.

I am originally from NYC. We never had a mess like this.

 Karen Levithan

South Side


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