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Real Estate Transactions for issue of 07-27-10


16th Ward

Harriet Kress to Joseph Leo Kress at 1832 Arlington Ave. for $33,000.

Estate of Clare Gabriel to Purvesh Sutaria at 2819 Cobden St. for $100,000.

Jill Shaheen to Julie Scarpo at 3202 Jane St. for $179,900.

Norma Seid to Begi LLC at 2209-2211 Larkins Way for $51,000.

Mark Daniel Mewshaw to James and Jeanne Ellis at 2250 Mary St. Unit 107 for $245,000.

Jasper Giddings et al. to Brooke Askew at 502 Ormsby Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $24,396).

Raymond Garfold to Michael Decker at 2316 Patterson St. for $47,700.

David Vaccaro to Fortune Foreclosures LLC at 225 Rothman St. for $35,000.

Estate of Antionette Theresa SamolovichDelale to William Samolovich and Sara Guerrero at 2638 Salisbury St. for $50,000.

17th Ward

James Pietz to Ronald Perhosky at 171 15th St. S Unit 303 for $209,550.

Gregory Goodman to James Flynn at 1008 Bradish St. for $263,000.

Caroline DeWalt to David Paul White at 1219 Breed St. for $218,000.

William Doyle to Gary Eckonby at 70 S. 11th St. for $85,000.

18th Ward

Gregg Langevin to Vijay and Jayna Siripurapu at 830 Freeland St. for $20,000.

Aimee Colabine to Joshua Smith at 929 Industry St. for $51,000.

Martin Berger to Thomas Gerald at 346 Kambach St. for $65,000.

Original Resource Inc. to Keyvan Khodayarinezhad at 203 Kingsboro St. for $10,000.

William Connelly to Teresa Williams at 441 Winton St. for $75,000.

19th Ward

Thomas McDonnell to Susan Sabin at 1000 Grandview Ave. Unit 1002 for $250,000.

Christine Dellaera et al. to Ambler and Anna Thompson at 216 Kearsarge St. for $94,000.

Richard Charles to Kevin and John Moskal at 141 Oneida St. for $125,000.

David Kaczorowski to Caitlin Anne Sanford at 217 Paul St. for $125,000.

Francois Leroux to Jonathan Lee at 185 Plymouth St. for $132,500.

Estate of Marie Miskevich to Judith Green at 104 Ruth St. for $60,000.

Scott Nath to Dunamis Capital Partn. at 7 Whitworth St. for $18,250.

29th Ward

Nellie Reynolds to Michael and Jane Dear at 2626 Brownsville Road for $115,000.

Diane Schlick to Matthew Schlick Jr. at 1707 Leolyn St. for $80,000.

John Nemmer et al. to David Hennon at 1935 Lucina Ave. for $84,500.

Bryce Peters Financial Corp. to Commodore Housing LLC at 212 Newett St. for $4,850.

Thomas Gray to Joseph Kreil Jr. and Dana Korbe at 2371 Valera Ave. for $82,000.

John Carroll to Jody Parker at 107 W. Woodford Ave. for $78,900.

Albert Herbst to Carol Allie at 2754 Waterman Ave. for $74,500.

Realty Choice Investments LLC to Moshe Zvi Arad at 2027 Westmont Ave. for $69,000.

Mt. Oliver

Housing & Urban Development to Donald Pulkowski III at 523 Giffin Ave. for $20,000.


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