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Why can's surplus drink tax funds be used for road repair


Good government starts at home.

Over and over we read that Allegheny County's Drink Tax has created a surplus of cash, and it is about time that we demand that our money is spent where we need it most.

Dan Onorato, hear us now. Fix Warrington Avenue or we will be forced to support the other gubernatorial candidate from Allegheny County. With as much as $16,000,000 in surplus, we think your Drink Tax should pay for the destruction caused by your "T" Tracks.

Over and over our local leadership has failed to fix one of the most important arteries of our community. We continue to lose our neighborhood economy all because we have a road that most people are unwilling to traverse. Our city officials fail to lift a finger or they rather point a finger to someone else to take responsibility, we teeter between prosperity and hardship as a result.

We understand the cogs of government turn slowly and our desire to see a new Warrington Ave before November is unrealistic. What we can expect, however, is to see a set of plans, complete with your signature, before the November General Election.

Mr. Onorato, if you can't fix one single road in your backyard how can we trust you to run our commonwealth?

Jason Phillips 

Democratic Committee Member


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