March 23, 2010 |

Councilman asks for input on Diesel's deck

District 3 Councilman Bruce Kraus has called a series of meetings to gain community input on Diesel's proposed 2,300 sq. ft. rooftop deck.

The meetings will take place at the Market House on 12th Street from 6 to 7:30 p.m. on Wednesdays, March 24, 31 or April 7.

In order to proceed with their plans, the owner's of Diesel need two variances from the Pittsburgh Zoning Board of Adjustment: one for an additional 1400 sq. ft. of floor area, the floor area ratio allows for a 900 sq. ft. deck; the second variance is requesting a 0-foot setback instead of a 20-ft. setback from the rear lot line. This variance is needed because the stairs in the building that are being extended in the plans are within the 20-foot setback area.

Diesel's owners have agreed to postpone the zoning hearing to allow for the addition community input.

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