South Side Sabers wrap up season with playoffs


November 10, 2009

The South Side Sabers teams continued their success over the last several weeks.

The Thomas Jefferson Jaguars hosted the Sabers at their stadium on October 10. The Twerps (7-8 year olds) started the day off right with a win of 12-0. The Termites (9 year olds) skinned the cats, 48-26.

The Mini-Mites (10 year olds) got pounced on and lost 32-0. The Mighty-Mites (11 year olds) made the Jaguars their prey and devoured them, 40-8. The Midgets (12-13 year olds) made pussycats out of the Jags and ended the day with a 20-8 win.

The Sabers welcomed the Moon Tigers to their field on October 17. The Twerps tried to tame the beasts but ended up being bitten, 12-6. The Termites also gave it their best shot but their game ended in defeat, 32-6. The Mini-Mites caged the big cats and had them eating out of their hands with a score of 18-6.

The Mighty-Mites tried hard to slay the Tigers but, in the end, came away wounded, 22-20. The Midgets went big-game hunting and walked away with a trophy, capping the day off with a 14-0 win.

The Sabers welcomed the Chartiers Valley Colts to their stadium on October 24. The Twerps trotted all over those Colts with a 38-0 shut-out. The Termites had a rough ride but came out winners, 24-22. The Mini-Mites got tossed from the saddle and lost 18-12.

The Mighty-Mites rode the Colts and tamed them, 52-0. The Midgets played the Bethel Park Hawks because CV has no 12-13 team; they endured their first and only loss of the season, 6-0.

The Sabers had four of their five teams advance to the playoffs this year. On November 1 The Twerps overtook South Park and won, 24-0. The Mini-Mites gave it their all against Chartiers Valley but their game ended in defeat with a score of 14-8. The Mighty-Mites beat up on West Allegheny, 44-6. The Midgets capped off the day with a 34-6 win against Baldwin.

 For more information on game times, schedules and standings, visit the Sabers website at http://www.southside


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