July 28, 2009 |

Carrick historical society looking to publish poster of stained glass

The Carrick-Overbrook Historical Society is looking for stained glass windows in Carrick homes to preserve photographically and showcase in a Carrick poster and on its Website.

Homeowners may photograph the windows themselves or the C-O Historical Society will do it for them.

Guidelines for submission include:

• All photos must be high quality digital photographs and must be backlit to highlight their beauty.

• There should be no curtains, sun catchers or external distractions in the photos.

• The photos should be taken straight on without angles.

• All photos must be submitted with locations, but the addresses will be kept confidential.

• All photos must have a name, address, phone number and, if possible, email address.

• All submissions must have permission of the homeowner for inclusion on the poster.

Send photos to carrickhistory @gmail.com or email for home service. Deadline for submitting photographs is August 22.

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