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Kids and pets should have someplace to run and play


In response to the two articles written about the use of Armstrong Park (SPR, June 30, Owners on the fence about where dogs should run), I would like to make some comments and give a possible solution.

Both articles had good points. Armstrong Park is a nice park and should be used by kids in our neighborhood. Also there should be more summer programs down there such as T-ball for small children which used to be taught there.

However I am a dog owner and did enjoy having my dog run around there. Frick Park is a nice alternative but it is a 15-20 minute drive away from South Side. We need to have something in our neighborhood because many families do have dogs and our yards are not sufficient for this.

After reading the article I walked my dog up to Mission Street where the old Little League field is located. I do not believe that South Side has had Little League in that location for many years and it is not being used. The infield is covered with grass and the fence is damaged in many parts.

This would be a perfect place to create a dog park. There is ample parking above and below the field. It is bigger than Armstrong Park. There is no play area for children so they would not be in danger. There are even trails behind the field that people could go and hike.

With a little bit of work and not much money this could be an exclusive off leash dog park.

Ray Rost

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