High school students help younger counterparts to avoid becoming smokers


High school students from Pittsburgh Carrick High School recently visited with their younger counterparts at Pittsburgh Concord K-5 to teach them how to say "no to smoking."

The older students are part of the Student-to-Student Tobacco Awareness group at CHS. The goal of the students is to convince younger children that smoking is not in their best interest.

The group was formed after CHS teacher Kevin Garret attended a seminar where he learned that only two percent of those who try to quit smoking actually are able to. Current members of the Student-to-Student Tobacco Awareness group includes Maurice Michel, Kailee Graham, Kerry Kweder, Tom Stevens and David Geier.

The high schoolers concentrate on reaching the younger students in the fifth grade, feeling that most children who begin to smoke do so between the ages of 12 and 14. They work to develop trust and explain and teach the younger kids on how to avoid social and peer pressure that could lead them to the bad habit.

The grade schoolers also learn about advertising and how to say "no" to smoking. The program also teaches the younger students about the harmful chemicals that are contained within cigarettes.

The student group centers it efforts around three other smoking prevention days: The Great American Smoke Out in November, Kick Butts Day in April and World No Tobacco Day in May.


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