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May 19, 2009


This is just a short working list of codes & "titles" and is not comprehensive or to be used for anything other than personal reference. All code books are available for purchase through the Bureau of Building Inspection if more information is needed.

Pittsburgh Building Code, Title 10

2003 International Property Maintenance Code

Chapter 3

Sec. 301.3 Vacant structures

Sec. 302.3 Sidewalks

(walkways, driveways, parking spaces)

Sec. 302.4 Weeds

Sec. 302.7 Accessory structures

(detached garages, fences, walls)

Sec. 302.8 Motor vehicles

(inoperative or unlicensed on property)

Sec. 304.7 Roofs and drainage

Sec. 304.10 Stairways, decks, porches,


Sec. 304.13 Windows

Sec. 304.15 Doors

Sec. 305.1 General

(maintain clean & sanitary conditions,


Sec. 307.1 Rubbish or garbage

(interior and/or exterior)

Sec. 315.1 Combustible materials storage

Chapter 7

Sec. 704.2 Smoke alarms

2003 International Building Code

Chapter 1002.01

Section 115.1 Unsafe Structure

Section 110.1 Failure to apply for

Certificate of Occupancy

Section 105.1 Failure to obtain or

comply with permit for work


Pittsburgh Code, Title 6 (Conduct)

Sec. 620.06A Graffiti

Sec. 601.11 Dumping

Pittsburgh Zoning Code, Title 9

Sec. 922.02A Failure to secure a

Certificate of Occupancy

Mount Oliver Borough Ordinances

215-6 Repair or Replacement of Sidewalks

215-8 Sidewalks

845 Rental License and Tenant Registration


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