Students learn how to be ‘Promise Ready'


Celebrating a successful Pittsburgh Promise Night where parents were able to learn more about the program that helps Pittsburgh students afford to go to college were: (from left) Sarah Holzer (student), Roosevelt PreK-5 principal Vincent Lewandowski, Grandview K-5 principal Ethel Flam, Gabrielle DelRio (student), Concord K-5 principal Susan Barie, Saleem Gubhril, executive director of the Pittsburgh Promise, and West Liberty K-5 principal Kathy Moran.

On Monday, April 27, Salem Gubhril, executive director of the Pittsburgh Promise, spoke to an enthusiastic audience of students, parents, staff, and administrators of Pittsburgh Concord, Grandview, Roosevelt and West Liberty.

The Pittsburgh Promise Night was held at Pittsburgh Roosevelt Intermediate Campus. Included in the audience were representatives from the Parent School Community Councils, District Magisterial Judge Richard King as well as a representative from Carnegie Mellon University. Principals Susan Barie, Ethel Flam, Kathy Moran, and Vincent Lewandowski worked collaboratively to make this night a success.

After introductory remarks from community representatives, students Clarice Taylor, Amanda Lindner, Gabrielle DelRio, Amanda Kurtz, and Danielle Pittas shared their thoughts of what the Pittsburgh Promise and being Promise Ready meant to them.

Mr. Ghubril gave a complete overview of the requirements, expectations, and standards of the Pittsburgh Promise program. He explained to parents that any student who graduates from a Pittsburgh Public School and meets the standards for academic achievement, attendance and behavior, would be eligible for a four-year monetary scholarship to any public or private college/university or higher education institution in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Ghubril facilitated a question and answer period that confirmed the high interest of the audience in the Pittsburgh Promise Program


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