Day Reporting Center contributes to Arlington neighborhood clean up


Participants from the Day Reporting Center contributed to this year's Arlington Clean Up on Saturday, April 25.

Approximately 25 Day Reporting Center participants collected 87 bags of trash and other discarded items including car parts and shopping carts during the clean up. Early during the clean up, a handgun was found and immediately turned over to the Pittsburgh police by the Adult Probation staff.

The Day Reporting Center is a subsidiary of Allegheny County Adult Probation and is located at 2320 Arlington Avenue. The center provides services to persons residing in the Zone 3 area of the city and that are currently on Allegheny County adult probation.

One of the services at the center include assisting patrons with locating places to fulfill community service hours ordered by the Court of Common Pleas.

The staff at the Day Reporting Center consider the clean up effort a success and plan to participate in the future.


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