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A stupid act of vandalism


March 10, 2009

On Saturday February 21, 2009 in the late night hours when people roam the South Side drunk and stupid, Someone or ones pulled down a young tree in front of CCI Center on 14th Street between Carson and Sarah.

This was not the first tree that had been planted in front of the Conservation Consultants building, but in the interest of greening and making the neighborhood more comfortable and beautiful, CCI planted a tree one more time. This tree was in fact a gift from the Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest for the hard work CCI had done for Arbor Day 2008. It was planted carefully by Eisler Nursery and nurtured by the staff of CCI.

The tree, syringe reliculata "ivory silk"—commonly called Japanese tree lilac, with beautiful white flowers would have been coming into its second spring.

It saddens us deeply that through an unconscious act of violence someone destroyed such a valuable creation. Neighbors that walk 14th Street share tales of similar occurrences on their block.

We will plant but maybe not a tree just yet. We are still in mourning.

Indigo Raffel

Education Coordinator, Conservation Consultants Inc.


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