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MWCDC looks toward long-term sustainability


February 17, 2009

The Mount Washington Community Development Corporation (MWCDC) recently completed an organizational assessment to evaluate the effectiveness of the organization and to determine specific areas for improvement.

The assessment began in October of 2008 and was completed in January 2009 by the management consulting firm, The Hill Group, Inc. The approximately 60 recommendations contained within the assessment were reviewed by the MWCDC Board of Directors in February and will be implemented starting immediately.

The assessment establishes both short-term and long-term goals for optimum sustainability within MWCDC.

"Strengthening the basic financial and structural foundation stressed in this assessment will allow us to be sustainable in the long-term and allow us to better serve the neighborhoods of Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights," says Chris Beichner, MWCDC executive director.

A few of the fundamental recommendations include revising and updating the organizational by-laws, considering a governance structure overhaul, and redefining the mission and vision statements to be compelling, clear, and relevant to all MWCDC projects and activities. The Hill Group believes that achieving these goals will clarify the organization's role and allow it to have a more significant impact on the community.

The Hill Group writes in its assessment, "As one of the region's most beautiful assets with community members and neighbors dedicated to making it even better, Mount Washington has tremendous potential for positive development. MWCDC can continue to serve on the forefront of community and economic development in Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights."

This assessment was compiled through consultations with partners, funders, community members, members of the board, and MWCDC staff. These consultations included interviews, focus groups, telephone interviews, online surveys, and observations of the community in order to best instruct MWCDC on how to further engage the communities of Mount Washington and Duquesne Heights.


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