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Some South Siders seem to be infexible to restaurant


January 27, 2009

I've not yet had the pleasure to dine at the BaBa D's on Carson St, though several times now while visiting Oakland I've enjoyed their food at the Forbes Avenue location.

When I read of the hue and cry surrounding their quest for a liquor license, knowing the atmosphere of their Oakland location I immediately recognized the calls for what they were: misdirected. The folks who pushed for such a thing are the same inflexible people who are responsible for things like zero tolerance policies in schools.

On their face, such policies are good, but when you look at cases such as the child suspended for a plastic axe on his Halloween firefighter costume, you're either faced with the fallacy of your inflexibility, or you deny reality. For those denying reality, it's an uphill battle. I'll toast you when you leave.

Derrick Brashear

South Side Flats


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