Borough budget provides police, fire protection


January 27, 2009

It was voted on at the November Mount Oliver Borough Council meeting to advertise the 2009 budget for two weeks as required by state law. This was done between the November and December meetings. The budget was adopted at the December meeting.

In response to questions concerning the budget, yes there is magic dust in the borough, but not in the budget. It is in the hands and pockets of the drug dealers and users, with a strong police department we can keep it out of our town, or is it magic dust that falls from the sky between November and March, or makes our grass grow in the parks or clogs our sewer grates and gutters that our street crew plows, cuts and cleans. Has every home and business installed a magic dust dispenser to snuff out any fires or other emergencies that our fire department responds to?

Yes, the whole country is facing a long road to economic recovery but can we let the borough become more of a distressed area by eliminating police, fire, the street department or any other borough services.

This council has worked hard trying to get the most for your tax dollars. We will with your help and support work to bring Mount Oliver back from these troubled times. When economic recovery does come the revenue will increase and council will once again take a hard look at the way that the trash collection is paid for.

Jim Cassidy, President

Mount Oliver Council


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