School board establishes performance goals


December 29, 2008

The Pittsburgh Board of Education has approved Year Four Performance Goals for Pittsburgh Public Schools Superintendent Mark Roosevelt.

The superintendent's Year Four Performance Goals are designed to support the district's Excellence for All efforts and align with the board's five major goals for the district:

• Maximum academic achievement for all students.

• Safe and orderly environment for all students and employees;

• Efficient and Effective support operations for all students families, teachers and administrators;

• Efficient and equitable distribution of resources to address the needs of all students, to the maximum extent feasible;

• Improved public confidence and strong parent/community engagement.

Developed collaboratively by the board, the superintendent's Year Four Performance Goals are as follows:

• Communications: To improve public confidence in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, increase media communications with the public, including radio and television; create a process for sharing 4Sight testing results to parents; and greatly expand communications around The Pittsburgh Promise.

• Long Range Planning: Work towards a plan to extend the performance based system; analyze the causes of enrollment decline and create targeted plans to address losses; complete the plan for Career and Technical Education, including locations and partnerships; create a robust African-American History class for upper level high school students; develop an improvement plan for the District's magnet schools and recommend a new process for magnet admissions; develop an improvement plan for the Accelerated Learning Academies (ALA), where needed; and work with The Promise staff and board and The Pittsburgh Foundation to raise additional funds for The Pittsburgh Promise.

• Ongoing Initiatives: Show continued progress on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment (PSSA); strengthen, support and evaluate instructional leaders; continue implementation of the district's core curriculum; increase use of formative assessment data; provide professional development, resources, support, and assessments to employees

• Budget Constraint: Review all district activities and propose budget changes where feasible and/or necessary.


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