Greed is taking our hospital


December 22, 2008

I was born at South Side Hospital and have used this hospital all of my 47 years to date.

This hospital is central to South Side and the surrounding South Hills neighborhood residents.

Many people will be greatly inconvenienced if they are forced to travel out to Jefferson or over to Mercy, not to mention the overflow will cause overcrowded, bottlenecked emergency rooms, therefore making service much slower.

Also, what becomes of all the people who work there, some for many years? More layoffs – more jobs lost and lives ruined?

Seems to me these super-sized corporations don't give a damn about anything but the almighty buck and turning the biggest profit they can and they don't take prisoners. They don't give a damn about providing quality care, fast, efficient service and they don't care about people's jobs either.

If they keep this up, this country will be in another depression era in the near future.

They should rename the park "Greedy UPMC Park." I hope they find their brains and hearts if they have any and reverse this very bad decision.

Karen Desmond


(formerly of South Side)


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