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Chipping away at gun owners


November 18, 2008

Re: Councilman and detective talk about tracking guns, The Reporter, Nov. 4

I am very skeptical of the plan to require people who've had guns stolen to immediately report the thefts – or be regarded as criminals themselves. And therefore I oppose the legislation, which is anti-gun ownership and which seeks to punish victims.

Those who want to ban all ownership of firearms know they can't do it all at once, and so seek to accomplish it incrementally, chipping away bit by bit. One step is to require the registration of all firearms so they can be rounded up.

Detective Jill Rustin is quite incorrect in blaming law abiding gun owners who possess guns for legitimate reasons for the gun homicides in Pittsburgh. And making gun owners report gun thefts and losses will do absolutely nothing at all in any way toward preventing gun homicides by criminals.

Joseph Forbes

South Side


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