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University of Pittsburgh students help ‘Make a Difference in Carrick


October 28, 2008

Neighborhood Tree Service pitched in with Pitt students and Carrick residents to make Carrick a better place to live. The tree service contributed mulch and time to help fill in where street tree had been removed.

Last weekend, a bus full of strangers came to Carrick to pick up litter. Not knowing what to expect, 27 student volunteers for the University of Pittsburgh's “Make a Difference Day” had fun, inspired a community, and learned something.

Dawn Harder, of the Carrick Litter Patrol, coordinated the student efforts with the community volunteers.

“I can't praise Pitt, Terry Miani and Boris Weinstein of Citizens Against Litter enough,” said Ms. Harder. “They should be proud of both the staff effort to organize the event and the genuine, thoughtful helping students who took volunteering to a whole new level.”

The eager, young students, who were mostly Pitt freshmen, were encouraged and rewarded by their efforts. What they did for a few hours, made a big difference in the community and in the students themselves.

“Not many people can say they like picking up garbage, but when you see the residents noticing and saying thank-you, it made it all worth it. Also, it was interesting to see how much work it takes to clean up what people just toss,” Angela Anderson, a Pitt student, said.

Litter was removed from: the Foodland parking lot, the bottom of Nobles Lane, around to Colerain St and the perimeter of CoGos all the way up to Volunteers Field; Becks Run from Concord elementary to Madeline and Madeline up to Brownsville Rd .; the bottom of Maytide at Rt. 51 and all of Phillips Park including in the bleachers; the perimeter of the Carrick Shopping Center including inside the fences where the Farmers' Market is held; Westmont Ave from Parkfield St. to Overbrook Blvd; and, Agnew Ave. both sides of Brownsville Rd along the BP and the UniMart.

In addition to picking up litter, the Pitt students also gave some much-needed care to long neglected sidewalk tree holes on Brownsville Road. Misguided efforts by tree lovers in years past have left the thoroughfare sidewalks with numerous tree cuts containing missing or dead trees that become choked with weeds and trash.

The students pulled the weeds and filled the spaces in with mulch donated by: “A Neighborhood Tree Service.” Jeff Douglass, a Carrick resident and owner of “A Neighborhood Tree Service,” donated the mulch, a truck, a driver, and distributed supplies.

Jean Fink, president of Carrick Community Council, catered lunch. The students were thrilled to have a home cooked meal.

“The volunteers were the key,” said Ms. Harder. “Carrick is lucky to have so many thoughtful people who come out because they care. These folks deserve praise too, they are my heroes. It was in the low 40's when we started and breezy.”

Those who would like to be a part of the Carrick Litter Patrol should contact Ms. Harder at 412-819-0889 or email her at


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