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Don't forget Olde Folkes


September 9, 2008

Having been born during the "Dark Ages," I've been witness to South Side evolving from a dirty, dark community into a bright, exciting "The In Place To Live" urban area – however, the "Bright" happens all day and the "Exciting" occurs during the evening hours.

That's when the young people and suburbanites pay South Side a visit. I find nothing wrong with progress so long as some of the important amenities remain – I refer to the very important services such as medical emergency rooms in close proximity, a police station nearby and, of course, a fire station (I hope).

With all this transformation, some people have forgotten that most of the South Side homeowners have grown old or older. To remove close emergency medical services and close safety monitoring is a cardinal sin, especially when we "Olde Folke" need it much more quickly. It appears to me that certain individuals are working overtime to isolate us "Olde Folke" or to make us disappear faster! I pray this doesn't happen.

Chuck Nogal

South Side


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