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City approves policy to purchase vehicles according to ‘green' score


The City's Equipment Leasing Authority (ELA) has unanimously approved a fuel-efficiency policy requiring that the city purchase the “greenest” vehicles of its class as indicated by the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Green Vehicle Guide.

The Guide provides information on the cleanest and most fuel-efficient vehicles by scoring them based on toxic-emission levels and fuel-economy values. The authority will purchase vehicles based on the environmental scores for the vehicles intended use.

“This green policy will reduce our carbon footprint while saving taxpayer dollars and reducing our dependency on foreign oil,” Mayor Ravenstahl said.

The policy dovetails the city's efforts to reduce toxic emissions from its diesel fleet. Through grants from the EPA and the Department of Environmental Protection, 10 city waste haulers have been retrofitted with diesel particulate filters and bio-diesel makes up more than 30 percent of the city's purchased diesel fuel.

Last month—for the first time ever—the city purchased two Hybrid Ford Escapes rather than the before-customary Chevy Trail Blazer.

“The purchase of hybrids will save the city almost $2,000 dollars a year in gas-related costs,” Mayor Ravenstahl said. “We will keep encouraging the use of hybrids and other green technologies for years to come, improving the quality of life for our citizens.”

The adoption of the policy was prompted by City Council Resolution 236, encouraged by Mayor Ravenstahl and sponsored by Council Members Dan Deasy and Jim Motznik, which requested that the ELA adopt a fuel-efficiency policy based on the EPA's Guide.

The ELA was incorporated in 1980 to serve as the financing liaison by which vehicles are leased to the City. Mayor Ravenstahl appoints the five member board. Members include: Scott Kunka, finance director; Guy Costa, public works director; Cathy Qureshi, assistant finance director; Councilman Dan Deasy; and Bill Urbanic, city council finance director.

The Green Vehicle Guide can be found on-line at:


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