Real Estate Transactions for Issue of 5/13/08


17th Ward

Michael Kline to Abby Hawke at 1923 Baldauf St. for $78,000.

Ting Cheng Hung to Max Imino Rodriguez at 41 Mt. Oliver St. for $53,000.

Riverside Development Group Inc. to Randal and Kimberly Nuzum at 23 S 18th St. for $529,000.

William Erdner III to Palace Southside Partn. LLC at 1722 Sarah St. for $210,000.

Michael Bohichick to Grandview Investments LLC at 1917 Wrights Way for $65,000.

18th Ward

CIT Group Consumer Finance Inc. to Aurora Loan Services Inc. at 25 Millbridge St. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $29,440).

Regis Armbruster Jr. to B & D Management L.P. at 73 Pedro Way for $3,000.

Windom Hill Place L.P. to Gregory DeMatteo at 46 Windom Hill Place for $615,416.

19th Ward

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Daniel Benaquista and Michael Devlin at 1329 Alton Ave. for $27,500.

William Deighan to Taylerson Properties LLC at 721 Boggs Ave. for $29,000.

Equity Trust Co. Custodian FBO Zachary C to Adam Moss at 1522 Dagmar Ave. for $17,000.

REO Properties Corp. to Nicholas Denillo at 1527 Fallowfield Ave. for $19,000.

Kimberly Steele to Jill Hamel at 1659 Fallowfield Ave. for $45,000.

Anthony Marcino to Eric Chappano at 1801 Fallowfield Ave. and Tonopah for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $16,250).

Estate of Mildred Friedrich to Lisa Lenore Butler at 532 Fordham Ave. for $85,905.

David Grady to Daniel Munsch at 226 Hallock St. for $249,900.

Joshua Willhelm to New Life Properties LLC at 1305 Lettie Hill St. for $65,000.

Mildred Morelli to Marianne and Louis Garritan at 1221 Methyl St. for $77,000.

Elizabeth Eberle to US Bank NA trustee at 1326 Methyl St. for $1,848 by sheriff's deed.

Jeffrey Dennis Parsons to Derek Emil Harris at 245 Natchez St. for $115,000.

Estate of Theodore Goralczyk to Thomas Muscarella at 657 Perrilyn Ave. for $66,000.

Eileen McCue to Patrick and Stephanie Davis at 1961 Pioneer Ave. for $114,900.

Brandon Enos to New Life Properties LLC at 2004 Plainview Ave. for $54,000.

Admiral Capital Management LLC to August Arnold at 2069 Plainview Ave. for $67,000.

REO Nationwide LLC to Ronald Stachevich et al. and Gerri Stachevich at 1732 Realty Ave. for $23,000.

Estate of Henry Dabecco to KRB2 Development Co. L.P. at 173-175 Southern Ave. and 6 DeWitt St. for $80,000.

Beverly Wright to Candice Polito at 2369 Vodeli St. for $77,600.

Kelly Barr to Christopher Keeling at 1019 Woodbourne Ave. for $82,000.

29th Ward

Kelly Duell Neugebauer to Donald Lee Turner and Erin Flaherty at 2729 Steiner St. for $85,000.

30th Ward

Admiral Capital Management LLC to Mardis Ethridge at 302 Bausman St. for $44,000.

Dolores Goodman to NV Enterprises Inc. at 339 Rochelle St. for $25,000.

Foreclosure Depot LLC to Lamont Mitchell at 243 Suncrest St. for $27,000.

Mt. Oliver

Admiral Capital Management LLC to Kelly Lucot at 218 Anthony St. for $68,400.

Foreclosure Depot LLC to VX Homes LLC at 112 Quincy St. for $10,200.


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