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Actual people not opposed to South Side businesses


March 25, 2008

Actual people who live in South Side are not opposed to new types of business. We are happy that store fronts are not empty.

I also attended the Planning Forum meeting. There were a few issues left out of the article (Developer scales down plans for condos on the former police station site, South Pittsburgh Reporter, March 18). That particular block of 21st Street already has five bar/ restaurants in place with liquor licenses. It is also directly across from a senior high rise.

Mr. Aboud came to the meeting without any floor plans to promote a 65 seat restaurant with a nine stool bar. That seems a lot of glasses of wine and beer with dinner capacity.

The orange sign for a license and amusement permit was up as soon as the building was started to renovate. Mr. Aboud said only background music would be playing; not a direct answer to if a permit license was issued and could be used for a latter time. 

I, who actually live in South Side, worry that this business had been under construction for at least a year and the first thing applied for is a liquor license and amusement permit. Where have the trucks to build been parking?

In all that time has he been to the neighbors to introduce his restaurant? Is he moving out of Oakland because the students have moved into South Side and Oakland is cleaning out their Bars? Why not try a B.Y.O. restaurant. It is successful enterprise here. I find good food is good food without drinking.

I just wanted to present all side of an issue. Can not a restaurant be an actual restaurant only.

If you are in the neighborhood like South Side, why not fit in and become a good neighbor, and develop a great partnership and establishment on merit alone. Is alcohol the answer to all success in South Side?

Welcome to our town and much luck.

Wanda Jankoski

South Side


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