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How low is a person to steal my flag?


October 30, 2007

I don't consider myself overly patriotic. However, I'm proud of our country and displaying its flag is one way I reflect it.

I used to leave my flags out day and night until I got wise of the nature of some people, after I had lost (through thievery) at least a gross. I then began to bring the flags in at night until the weekend of 10-20-07 when I had forgotten. One flag was confiscated and that one was special since it contained a printed tribute to the poor souls of 9/11.

I cannot fathom how low the person is who stole it, I think there are no words in any language that could adequately describe how uncaring that person must be. I will pray that a person such as the flag thief will eventually mend their ways.

Chuck Nogal

South Side Flats


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